Photo of David Huyck

I'm David Huyck (say it like "Hike"), and I like to draw and make stuff. One of my very favorite things to make is books for children and their grown-ups. And bread. Man, I love bread.

A book I illustrated, If Kids Ruled the World, won two children's choice awards in 2016: the Shining Willow Award in Saskatchewan, and the Blue Spruce Award in Ontario. I must have been eating really good bread while I was drawing that book.

In addition to making my award-winning illustrations, I have been a professor, a computer programmer, and a diazo blueline press operator. From 2009-2011, I created and ran the collaborative print project, Cloudy Collection. From 2009 until its decommissioning in 2013, I was a contributor to the illustration and cartooning blog, Drawn! I have also been a printmaker, a painter, a sculptor, and if you happen to catch me without a pencil in my hand, I probably put it down so I could read something. Or maybe I am making toast. Toast is bread, too.

I live with my family in Northfield, MN, where I try to spend as much time as I can being outside or in the library, pencils-in-hand or not. And probably eating a slice of bread, maybe toasted, but definitely with butter.



I love to hear about great new book and comics projects, and I'd love to work together on new illustration and design projects. Please send a friendly "hello", and I will send you one back as soon as I can!

Email: hello@davidhuyck.com

Social: Twitter / Instagram / Vimeo / Pinterest / Flickr / Tumblr

Mail: PO Box 832 / Northfield, MN / 55057

Phone: 208-301-4374 (business only, please)