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cover for Manners Are Not For Monkeys

cover for French edition, Les bons petits singes

Manners Are Not For Monkeys

Written by Heather Tekavec, published by Kids Can Press
32 pages / 2016 / ISBN: 978-1771380515

Les bons petits singes

Also available in French, published by Éditions Scholastic
32 pages / 2016 / ISBN: 978-1443152976

Look for a copy at your favorite local bookstore, or the book is available on Amazon (French edition), Barnes and Noble, and Powell's.

Manners Are Not For Monkeys has won the 2017 children's choice award for Rainforest of Reading South!

Download an activity sheet with a coloring page, and learn to draw your own monkeys!

A story of monkey-see, monkey-do gets silly, in the most polite way imaginable.

"Expressive, loose-limbed art done in pencil and digital color contrasts nicely with the text, which has the calm tone of a folktale or fable. The monkeys in particular are entertainingly drawn, as well as the diverse gang of kids who get their comeuppance."

— Booklist

"Huyck's digitally colored pencil illustrations play up the humor of the monkeys' well-mannered behavior, and small details add to the fun—look for the monkey with a banana-peel tie and an age-old joke. The families are nicely diverse, and the zookeeper is a middle-aged white woman with a gray ponytail."

— Kirkus Reviews

"The comical illustrations are infused with humor and action. Silly expressions and quirky details make this a natural choice for sharing aloud. VERDICT Pair this title with Mo Willems's Time To Say Please for a fun-filled etiquette-themed storytime!"

— School Library Journal

cover for If Kids Ruled the World

If Kids Ruled the World

Written by Linda Bailey and published by Kids Can Press
32 pages / 2014 / ISBN: 978-1554535910

Look for a copy at your favorite local bookstore, or the book is available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Powell's.

If Kids Ruled the World is an official 2015 TD Summer Reading Club selection, a program of the Canadian public libraries!

If Kids Ruled the World won two children's choice awards — the 2015 Shining Willow, and the 2016 Blue Spruce!

Download three activity sheets, and think about what you would do, if you ruled the world...

The story supposes what the world would be like if kids were in charge, including nutritious birthday cake, unmade beds, and sidewalk trampolines.

"Huyck’s sunny scenes are filled with devil-may-care, romping kids—the pictures have the lovely, pretend-play-comes-to-life feel of vintage Golden Books. Never once does a kid yearn for a world with more screen time: in fact, the book’s best spread shows a close-up of a tree fort whose occupant has pulled up the rope ladder and is unseen except for two legs that end in flip-flops and two hands writing in a journal. If that is indeed what would happen if kids ruled the world, let’s welcome them as our new overlords."

— Publisher's Weekly

"The full-bleed illustrations are dynamic, bright, and cheerful, brimming with happy children of all ethnicities (and ages, as there are white-haired “kids” included in the last two spreads). Thanks to the joyful artwork and a text that unapologetically indulges every kid’s wish for things like a personal castle and Recess School, this is a surefire winner."

— School Library Journal

cover for Nine Words Max

Nine Words Max

Written by Dan Bar-el and published by Tundra Books
32 pages / 2014 / ISBN: 978-1770495623

Ask your favorite local bookstore for a copy, or the book is available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Powell's.

The story follows prince know-it-all, Maximillian, his three doofus brothers, and the trouble that follows a poorly-timed spell to hush him up.

"Vancouver author Dan Bar-el and Idaho illustrator David Huyck bring young readers aged five to nine a fun, but cautionary tale about today’s obsession with media, fascination with speaking in 140 characters or less and the importance of conversation."

— The Cambridge Times

cover for That One Spooky Night

That One Spooky Night

Written by Dan Bar-el and published by Kids Can Press
80 pages / 2012 / ISBN: 978-1554537518

Find a copy at your favorite local bookstore, on Amazon, Powell's, Barnes and Noble, Chapters, or wherever you can find it.

That One Spooky Night is an official Junior Library Guild Selection, and it was nominated for a 2013/2014 Hackmatack Children's Choice Book Award.

The book contains three stories told in comic form, about one eventful Halloween night. Visit the book's mini-site ➚

"A quick hit of Halloween silliness."

— Kirkus Reviews

"Quick, cute, gentle, snappy, and sassy holiday comics."

— Booklist

"All three stories are lighthearted and not too scary."

— Quill & Quire

"This is a great read [....] The comic book format will draw in even the most reluctant readers."

— Chicago Parent Magazine